Our point of view
By digitizing and innovating the real estate industry, we understand the transformation of analogue processes through technological tools and new business models. The developments can decisively influence the real estate economic system which the industry has previously taken for granted.

Established companies must be able to transform their structures, processes, products and, above all, corporate culture into the digital world. This change process must be carried out quickly and efficiently so that the opportunities of change can be utilized.

Real estate companies need to develop skills that go beyond the industry know-how. Innovations take place outside the industry on an international level. It is fundamental that the Canadian real estate and construction industry detect new, market relevant technologies and business models, understand and start using them efficiently.

As inhabitants of this earth we have a great interest in bringing the most brilliant and creative minds together to solve our problems of the future together. We believe that our contribution is greatest when we apply our skills where we feel passion - so let's network!

2018-01-21, PropTechCanda