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Find out what is needed to become an official
PropTechCanada Ambassador
Do you have the right motivation?
Shaping the future of real estate & construction
Looking for Win-Win situations
Networking is a passion
Giving first taking second
Striving for collaboration
Fairplay mentality
As an official PropTechCanada Ambassador
you benefit of the following
Official status
Entitled to bear and list title:
PropTechCanada Ambassador - X (ex. Calgary)
You are going to be national and international promoted and known as a local PropTechCanada Ambassador.
Best opportunity to get in touch with people and companies of your interest. Most of them will know you before you know them.
Good feeling
It is just a good feeling to shape the future of a whole industry and being seen as a leading innovator of the mature sector.
Free Membership
You benefit of a free membership.
Ambassador exchanges
Every now and then we will host exclusive online sessions to exchange know-how and experiences among all PropTechCanada Ambassadors.
Official PropTechCanada Ambassadors agree to following terms
PropTechCanada Ambassadors representing the organization in good faith. As such they are running independently organized community meetups while using the brand and support of PropTechCanada.
Duration and Election
PropTechCanada Ambassadors are elected for one year (Jan.-Dec). If there are no complains or other PropTech enthusiasts applying for the position, the current ambassador will be entitled for another year.
Ambassadors can withdrawal their service in writing three months of notice to
PropTechCanada can dismiss any ambassador at anytime after announcing a written warning explaining the circumstances.
Ambassadors are volunteering and receiving no payment from PropTechCanada.
Local community budget
Local communities are independently organized and financed.
Supporting fee
To cover efforts and expenses made by PropTechCanada, supporting fees can be implemented at a later stage.
Use of title & brand
Being an officially selected ambassador entitles to bear the title: PropTechCanada Ambassador. The local chapter logo and any other marketing material of PropTechCanada can be independently used for marketing, communication and quality reasons.
Meetups & events
Ambassadors are responsible for their local community program. It is required to organize at least 2 meetups and 2 online sessions a year.
Social Media
Ambassadors become authors of the LinkedIn and Meetup pages. It is desired to post local community activities actively.
It is important that official ambassadors strive to be as much independent as possible! If independency is questioned PropTechCanada is allowed to dismiss any ambassador at anytime.
How it works
Confirm your interest
If you are still motivated to support our mission schedule a call here.
Expert interview
We will confirm the call and ask you some questions about your expertise in PropTech. No preparation needed.
Hosting 2 events
If your expertise fulfils the requirements of a PropTech expert we will host one meetup and one online session together to find out if you feel comftable being a host.
Final election
If everything worked out well and participants providing positive feedback you will receive your official PropTechCanada Ambassador certificate.